Last Day For

It’s been a good run, thanks a bunch


Short Sweet Summary

Haha, wow.. this is long overdue but this is for all you readers out there. Man oh man, these past two weeks felt like a life time! Which is good I guess since it’s my vacation right? Sonewaiz!

Everything that happened these past two weeks were most memorable so I guess I’ll summarize it all up in a few lines, or at least try to.. haha. Seattle Conference was great fun, meeting new friends and just experiencing something God really wanted all of us to experience, somewhere out of our comfort zone. Especially for me, being away from a lot of my close friends was.. different. But God had a purpose, that’s for sure and he was truly present that weekend, Amen!

Man, key moment, Seattle Dogs! I’m trying to get a sister from Seattle to send me some, haha. It’s a hotdog with just cream cheese and grilled onions! So good, I’ll make it for you some time, just ask! Ok, the biggest key moment.. the scenery, weather, bah, Seattle itself.. breathtaking on the real. But above all, the youth, couples, singles, everybody there is awesome! PTL for an amazing community that truly uses themselves for glorifying God, Amen!

After all the Seattle fun, San Diego was the next point of interest! Man, San Diego still amazes me with all the Filipino’s haha. La Jolla Beach, Mission Beach, Laguna Beach, etc.. So many beaches, they might piss you off! Haha! PG for amazing sisters, I love them to death, they’re the best for real. They had the whole week planned, haha. We went to LA for a day and swam and everything. Oh man, they also took us to a place called Yogurt Land which was to die for.. man. Red Mango got nothing on the places in Cali that’s for sure. God is too good, Amen!

My trip continued to the East, into Las Vegas! Yay to see my mommy, woot! We stayed at our usual strip getaway, haha. Watched an amazing Cirque de Soliel show called the “O” at the Bellagio. Oh gosh, that was incredible, those performers.. just wow. A must see if your in Vegas, worth every penny! After the weekend, my sisters left back to Cali and I hung out with my mommy and.. the Youth here! Haha. Oh gosh, I met so many people here and I’m pretty sure I got all they’re names straight. They awesome here, PTL for letting me hang out and get to know them, Amen!

More to write, will continue on later.. this web address is coming to a close so.. expect a new one in a couple weeks or so! PG for you all, you are all in my prayers and I’ll be praying for you!

True Life: My name is Andrew.

[This post is dedicated to all you readers out there, post a comment if you acknowledge my dedication]

I have no idea why I named this post that, oh well. So here’s the scoop: lot’s has been happening in my life that has prevented me from blogging. Which is a good thing kinda right? Anyways.. yes, Conference is just around the corner, California is just around the corner, and family is literally just around the corner.. No seriously, my Dad, kuya + wife + baby are coming here today around noon for a Graduation party. And no it’s not my graduation.. bah. Seriously, they probably wouldn’t come here if it was me graduating, haha.

Moving on.. yes I can’t wait to see my family that’s for sure and above all my little nephew which I’m sure I’ll take pictures of. Speaking of pictures, I need to recharge my camera battery.  Speaking of pictures again, I really have to upload on flickr.. I’m backed up like no other.. Bah!

Worship Workshop was yesterday which was great, it was lead by Mike Serapio, song writer of a lot of the CFC Youth songs we sing here such as God Is Enough. I wanted to talk to him after but we were getting booted but nonetheless, I honor this guy for using his God given gift to glorify Him. I have total respect for his commitment in his service along side maintaining his relationship with his family and friends. May God be praised.

Also, yesterday was dope hanging out up in the north. We hung out at the Gray’s residence (we as in Bham, Roland, Jay, and I). Yes, we totally randomly raided their place but in all good terms. We played guess the shoe (thanks for tying my shoes together), ate pizza (2x), and played Halo 3 and checkers (ok maybe not the last two but beh?). Compressing ourselves in a small tent and house are just a few of the key moments of the evening. Let’s do it again some time. 

Well this has been Andrew de Vera reporting to you live from my room, where I’m alone, where I’m totally alone in the apartment, because my roommates left me to do funner stuff (yes, funner is a word in my dictionary), funner stuff in Seattle and Michigan, bah humbug.

Who Actually Reads This? (Precon)

It’s late and I’m blogging but it’ll be short, haha. I’m just curious, who actually reads this? If you do, please leave a comment so I know if I should start doing regular posts again.

Precon just passed and it was a blessed event, most beautiful in the words of Kuya Mark. God has truly worked in mysterious ways while preparing for the event, in the end His glory shined through. I pray that we open our eyes and allow His plan engulf our lives. Let us not be blind with the world and let ourselves be mirror images of Christ.

June Is Here!

Well it’s like nine days into June now but this post is long overdue.. so here it is! I went home, I visited the family, and I conquered! Well I really didn’t conquer much expect surviving my drive back and forth alone! Getting back to Chicago gave me a sigh of relief, it’s my second home after all. But moving on, so now this past weekend hast elapsed and it really feels like summer, not the weather really but just getting out and hanging out with good friends.

So many BBQ’s already and all mostly at the significants house but eh, good times nonetheless. Precon is just around the corner once again, and I’m totally excited! Not for Precon but for this dope lens I got lined up for the weekend! Woot! Just kidding, I’m for sure excited for Precon as well, it’ll be a good time no doubt. God has truly blessed my life; I get to serve him, enjoy all my toys, and have an amazing network for friends and family! I’ll continue doing your work Lord, if you bless me with more BBQ’s.. haha.

Home Again

So I just totally drove 6+ hours back to Ohio while being sick, gosh darn this cold! PTL for the safe trip, I’ll be back in the Chicago home again. It’s a great feeling knowing your back home with your family. Two new additions and seeing your fam all together again. Ninong status here I come.

When I paid the last toll in Ohio the man asked me, “(do you) still have far to go?”. I answered, “nope, I’m actually home now”. He then replied, “oh welcome home then”. It felt really nice saying that. Granted, my home is in Chicago too but it’s always good to get that subtle reminder that you have your one and only home waiting for you.


Chinatown Stroll

Last Friday some friends of mine and I hit up the streets of Chinatown! We got some awesome food at Seven Treasures, the “famous” 554 and got ourselves some Joy Yee’s Bubbletea (thanks EJ)! While chillin’ around I had my camera and decided to take my SB-800 off and do some off camera flash stuff. Man was it fun, I would totally do it again if anyone is up for it, hit me up! Now I got an umbrella on the way and I’m considering purchasing another flash, haha. Here’s one of those money shots, I know I screwed up the ISO but I like the picture nonetheless. Also, check out the set on my flickr, Happy Tuesday!