This is what I want!

I’ve been really thinking about it and I’m thinking of doing a 50/50 switch to Mac. I’ve been looking up and researching a lot about Macbooks/Macbook Pros/iBook and Apple in itself. Everyday I seem to be drawn into getting myself a Mac; either it be an iBook, Macbook, or iMac. Unfortunately since I am still a college student my financial standing isn’t too hot at the moment. I am pushing for waiting until Apple releases their new Leopard OS which is scheduled for sometime this Spring. Intel is also planning on releasing the new Santa Rosa chipset sometime this year. I’m hoping Apple will add the new Leopard installation disks with refurbished Macbooks in the future. Let’s pray they do.

Praying for patience.


1 Response to “This is what I want!”

  1. 1 kaipod April 12, 2007 at 10:11 am

    I want one too =) please. haha

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