Anatomy & Physiology

Today is the last day before Easter Break for me and I get out of my A&P class early. My professor could not run the program she needed to on the laptop the school provided for her so she let us out early but we had to promise we would do the assignment on our own time. Here is my schedule for my A&P class for the rest of the semester:

  • April 11th – Review, Quiz on Urinary
  • April 16th – Exam (digestion, metabolic, nutrition, urinary)
  • April 18th – Electrolytes & Fluids
  • April 23th – Reproductive
  • April 25rd – Reproductive
  • April 30th – Human Development, Review
  • May 2th – Exam (electrolytes, reproductive, and human development)

About a month left for this semester then a couple weeks break, after that back into Summer Semester. That reminds me, I have to do some paperwork for that. Cheers everyone!


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