Guild Wars Reborn

On the new PC Gamer May 2007 magazine, ANet announced some drastic changes the Guild Wars community will be up against. For the biggest, all Guild Wars future campaigns are cancelled. In place of it will be expansions, smaller and cheaper but not stand alone anymore. The Guild Wars expansions will require a previous of the 3 campaigns to work. The next expansion will be called “Guild Wars: Eye of the North” expansion pack. It will be dated to release during the holiday of 2007. Along with that announcement came the highest of them all.. Guild Wars 2! Yup, ANet has decided to change tracks and begin the development of a part two of the Guild Wars series. GW:EN will connect both story lines as a bridge and it seems like it will only get better. Here are some things to look forward for in both Guild Wars additions:

Guild Wars: Eye of the North

– 40 new armor sets, 150 new skills, and 10 new heroes
– character development beyond level 20
– 3 complex acts to embark on

Guild Wars 2

– 4 new playable races: sylvari, asuras, charr, and norn
– very high level cap or none at all
– sidekicks similar to heroes
– no more “click to move”; jumping, swimming, and sliding will be added

All this information may seem a lot but it really is not, the magazine has tons of information that I have read over 5 times already. Even though I haven’t played Guild Wars in a long while nor have I purchased the most recent Nightfall campaign, I am beginning to be very interested once again. More information will be announced later this year; what an exciting road the Guild Wars community will be on!


1 Response to “Guild Wars Reborn”

  1. 1 kaipod April 20, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    aww! We should play some guild wars someday together!

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