Leopard Delayed


On April 12, 2007 Apple announced their current standing on a few upcoming products to be released later this year. Originally Leopard was scheduled to be released at the WWDC in June but that has soon changed. With the anticipated iPhone becoming a hit for Apple’s product line, they needed to do some fine tuning. The iPhone required a lot of people and Apple got that from the OS X team working on Leopard. The iPhone uses a complex software beyond our current cellular age, so this delayed the Leopard team significantly. Apple then announced that the Leopard OS will be release (hopefully) in October 2007, about 3-4 months later then expected. This is the first for Apple to delay a product, I guess the iPhone wins this one.

So what this means to me is that many avid Apple users and to-be switchers (like myself) will probably no longer wait to purchase any Apple computer product that was to have Leopard already included. Technology is ever-growing and there will always be another few steps to take everyday that passes. My original plan was to hopefully make a Macbook purchase along with Leopard pre-installed and included in the summer before my fall semester. Since it is 6 months away from the projected release date for Leopard, I don’t really see a point in waiting anymore. I might as well just purchase the Macbook when I can and purchase Leopard separately when it releases. Cheers Apple, your getting me to do my switch a little sooner then expected.

Updated Plans For Macbook Switch Purchase: Project McSwitch

I’m looking into purchasing a refurbished Apple Macbook. The specs are as follows:

Refurbished White Apple MacBook 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo
13.3-inch glossy widescreen display
512MB Memory (RAM)
Superdrive (DVD RW/CD-RW

Total Price – $899.00

Yes, I know the RAM and hard drive isn’t to great.. but this is where newegg.com comes in. I plan to upgrade both parts by saving a lot of money not purchasing them from Apple that inflates their prices. This is what I plan to purchase from newegg as follows:

Mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Dual Channel Memory Kit
– $134.99
Western Digital Scorpio 120GB 5400 RPM 2MB Cache ATA-6 Notebook Hard Drive
– $74.99

Other optional purchases to help me flow by:

BYTECC Hard Drive Aluminium 2.5” USB 2.0 Mini External Enclosure
– $18.99

Lots of money going down on this rig, but I’ve had my desktop PC for over 5 years now and now that I am a college student, it looks like I’ll be busy moving around a lot more. Why must you tempt us with so many great toys God! Lord this is so materialistic, please humble my soul but provide for me the necessities I do need. Amen.


1 Response to “Leopard Delayed”

  1. 1 kaipod April 20, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    aww! no i’m was so excited for you! and you were so excited for it too! i hope it doesnt get delayed too long! haha.. iykwim

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