Mid-April Visitations!

The past weekend was pretty fun, along side from working since that is kinda fun too.. My friend/mentor/buddy Jay came up from SIUE for the ChiKollaboration this weekend. To bad I couldn’t go but maybe next time right? He’s the guy that got me into glowsticking/glowstringing, and he ended up showing me some of his new combos friday night when he arrived.

On Saturday, my other sister came to visit from Ohio. She rented out a cool convertible PT Cruiser; I still think that car is ugly but the convertible part made it somewhat cool. I was at work, so when she arrived she had to come and pick up the apartment keys from me. She ordered a number 12 unwich, wierd. Anyways, my significant went to the youth meeting and we later picked her, the guitar beast, and nelly and went to Mitsuwa. Great Japanese food I must say, I had Udon noodle soup. We then went to the market section and bought tons of goodies.

Today, we just woke up early for church and after we ate at Downers Delight for breakfast. I had the classic Country-Fried Steak and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. After that the significant and her sister and the guitar beast met up with us at Bed, Bath and Beyond and got some bubbletea as well. For lunch we ate at Noodle Company, awesome place and everyone enjoyed. My sister then left and headed back to the snow Ohio. She’ll be back again, probably. Great weekend, tired as a mofo and I will talk about sushi making later.

Blessed be our God that makes things new.


1 Response to “Mid-April Visitations!”

  1. 1 kaipod April 20, 2007 at 11:55 pm

    This was so much fun! we should do it again! i love hanging out with your sisters! they’re super! the PT ride top down was awesome! it was my first =) and downtown naper was also fun at noodle with joy yee’s on the side! Then sushi making was great too! haha.. fun weekend! let’s do it again!


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