Emergency Detour

Disclaimer – A lot of the stuff I talk about might not make sense or whatever.

So this morning was unfortunate. I was stuck in a detour for over an hour, I literally didn’t know where I was going at first and in the end I ended up going the wrong way. This morning I left without knowing there was a car accident close to Lewis University. About 1-2 minutes away from Lewis, I see the “Emergency Detour” sign and I’m like to myself “Oh crap, I don’t know my way around here”. So I figured I’ll just follow the rest of the cars and I’ll be ok. Wrong. After following the line of cars I noticed cars ahead of me were just turning around. This was all after 15-20 minutes of waiting. So I noticed the road we were on was going the wrong way, away from Lewis. Then I decided to turn around and head back towards 53.

I really didn’t know where to go, I ended up just driving back towards Bolingbrook area where I thought to myself “I should probably stay atleast close to Lewis”. I then turned back around and went back towards Lewis and parked by the detour area in the Romeoville High School parking lot. I never felt so confused. It was about 0930 now and I called my sister for directions to find another way around. She then told me to try to call the school and she gave me the number. The operator told me that the detour had to take me from Taylor to Weber to Renwick then back on 53 heading North. This is why I didn’t make it that way first, I took the left fork of Industrial instead of the Right fork onto Taylor. Wow.

So I finally made my way back on Taylor, stuck in traffic, delayed like a mother. I traveled through Weber then made my way through Renwick to find myself back heading North on 53. I made it to campus about 15 minutes ago, I unfortunately couldn’t make it to my Philosophy class (I hope I don’t get in trouble). And through this all.. I was listening to the k-love radio pledge drive. They are trying to earn funding for their radio station to be broadcasted in all the listening cities. I pray that they will be successful in their endeavor. Also please pray for the people involved in this mornings car accident and for the souls of the Virigina Tech shooting. Amen everyone!


1 Response to “Emergency Detour”

  1. 1 kaipod April 20, 2007 at 11:57 pm

    oh no! it sucked that had to happen! it’s okay you had a good reason to miss class.. hehe.

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