Happy 420 Day!

Yeah, I said it ok. Even though I don’t associate myself with that kind of stuff I had to at least say it once. Make healthy choices everyone, make healthy choices. On another note, it’s finally Friday and it’s time to party! Today my sister and I did some grocery shopping at our local Sam’s. I got cheese danish packages for my breakfast, yum. We also got a 2 pack Naked juice Green Machine flavor, its tasty. But the one that that I was really impressed on was the Lipton White Tea Raspberry, yeah it’s really good stuff anyone should try it.

After the whole grocery shopping deal, my sister treated the significant, her sister, Saudi Filipino terrorist friend (joking), and myself to Ricobene’s. We had pizza, meatball subs, and fried-steak subs. Awesome food, can’t wait to go again. After all that we went to the not so successful leaders’ meeting. And post of the meeting, a group of us hung out and watched Happy Feet and Fun With Dick And Jane. Great movies as well, I’m a movie fanatic so yeah. Happy Feet is such a good movie to watch if you want to say “aww” a lot, seriously. I will leave you with a cute picture of the young Mumble. Cheers everyone, have a great weekend!


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