Pokémon Pearl!

Yup, it has finally arrived. Today is the day everyone can pick up their own copy. I haven’t yet, but I will later today. I will edit this post once I play with it for a little or what not. Pokémon fan since the TCG. Woot!

Here is my edit; so now I have played the game for over 5 hours, got 2 gym badges, and have all three starting pokémon. I am very impressed with the game, i think it was long over due for GameFreak to relese such a game to the public. They did a great job implementing old features and adding new ones. I have not been able to play around with the Global Trade Station or the Underground, but I have heard a lot of good things about it. I guess I will do some quick key points on what this game has to offer:

– Great graphics – Their unbelievable compared to the old games.
– Gameplay – Very similar to the counterparts but with many twists.
– Starting pokémon – Unique compared to the originals.
– GTS – One of the greatest things ever added.
– Underground – The other greatest thing added to Pokémon.

Only 2 badges in and I still feel there is a lot of things to do. I still haven’t tried out the contests and other mini-type games but I will in due time. GameFreak, you’ve done a great job with this addition to the Pokémon family, cheers!


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