Fun Filled Weekend

So here we go, my girlfriend totally called it an yes.. I’m going to post about the weekend. It was very enjoyable, my significant other and I went to watch a play called “Dinner At Eight” at her school. It was pretty good, but no offense, I’ve seen better. That pretty much took our whole evening since we came home past 10 o’clock. All in all, it was fun doing something different that evening.

My sister and her friends arrived Friday night so we chilled for a bit then went to bed. Saturday morning we all woke up, I had to go to work while my sisters and the rest went and checked out the new mall. They visited me for a bit then went out to eat at Noodle Company/Joy yee’s. After work I met up with my significant and our two friends and checked out the new mall ourselves. It’s like a little town, not to big, but with everything you would ever want to shop for. We ate at Go ROMA which was similar to Noodle Company. Great food, I can’t wait to go again. After all that we met up with our other friends and play Catch Phrase until about 2 in the morning.

Sunday finally rolled around and my sisters, their friends, and my significant went up to Schamburg for Todai. Great food once again and I love their crepes station. Banna, whip cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar for the win. We walked around for a little bit, visited the Apple Store, and I got a new zip up at Urban Outfitters. We all then headed back to pick up some bubbletea and then the Ohio crew went back home. After they left, the remaining went to church at St. Joes. Sorry, it’s really boring there but they had a guy playing the guitar which was cool. We then went to pick up my significant’s sister and ate at Chipotle for dinner. Here is the part, we walked to Barnes And Nobles, checked out some books and left. Then she said “you are probably going to write about this aren’t you” and here it is.

It was a fun weekend, did many things and it was a blast. Now it’s time to get to work, a few weeks of the semester left and it’s crunch time people. Can’t wait to hang out and chill with everyone again, the summer is almost here! Smile everyone, your on pwnshark camera!


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