First Of May

So I will try to make this a habit of mine to post about the first of whatever month comes by. I will just summarize what previously happened during the month before and I will just blog about what will be going on the month of. So here I go!

April was an interesting month, a lot happened. The second half of the 2nd semester went by so fast.. I didn’t see it coming, now finals are next week. April was also the time of Easter, where we learned of Christ’s Resurrection. Family came to visit several times and soon again. Pokémon Pearl was released on the Nintendo DS. Apple even announced the unfortunate delay for Leopard. All in all, April was a good month and time to keep moving on.

May is now here, so here comes the flowers! This month there is a lot planned. I’ll be taking my finals next week, a few only. Following that my family from Ohio will be passing through here to visit my cousin in Wisconsin. After that week my mommy will be flying in here to Chicago then we’ll make our way to Ohio. Hopefully, I’ll be making my way back to Chicago with the Ohio crew for the 2007 CFC Youth Preconference on May 26th. After that weekend, I’ll be back to school (short summer right). But it won’t be that bad, it’s just 5 credit hours for summer school so yeah.

Lot’s of stuff will be going on and it’s almost halfway through 2007, it’s amazing how time flies. I’ll hopefully be sealing the deal and gearing up for my anticipated “toy”. I pray that my service will grow even more and that my love for the Lord and everyone around me will be set off into flames. Praying for another amazing month for you all! God bless!


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