Short & Sweet

A very relaxing Friday is was. I will just keep it short and sweet, since that’s how the day pretty much went. After my usual work from 11-2, I went back home to work on my A&P paper even more.. After that, I picked up my significant and we went to the College of Dupage to check on my transcripts and financial aid. We made it through 5 til 5 (which is when they close). I ran in and made it on time, it was great. After that we went to MicroCenter to check out, yes you guessed it, the Macs. I really like the MacBook, I think it is a great piece of engineering. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one real soon. After that we met up with my sister and ate at Go ROMA again, well it was the first time for my sister. Awesome food once again, I had Chicken Parmesan pasta but I was still hungry and we got another play of the really good one that my significant got (she ALWAYS picks the best, I swear.. both my sister and I agree) which I forgot the name. After that we did a quick stop at DSW then went home. That was pretty much our friday in a nutshell. Whoa, I guess it really wasn’t short and sweet but you get the picture. Have a blessed weekend everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you on Monday!


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