Moshi PalmGuard Review

I purchased the Moshi PalmGuard for my MacBook about a week ago and it finally came in a couple days back. It arrived in a very cool packaging that held it’s special size perfectly. The Moshi PalmGuard protects the wrist area as well as the trackpad, everything within the rectangular area is protected. It was very easy to put it, the package came with a 6” ruler that helped you slide it over and stick it on to the surface. The one issue I have had with my product is that the packaging was not handled very gentle and there are crease indent mark on the left hand side of the PalmGuard and an indent mark on the trackpad. So now, whenever I look down I see a crease indent mark on my PalmGuard and I feel a little bump when I run my finger over the surface when I’m using the trackpad. All in all, the product is great; very easy to install and works like a charm. The only problem is Aeveo should send the package as fragile so the post office handles it a little better.


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