Well it looks like I haven’t written here for a long while after getting burnt out in posting how many days straight.. I guess I will just take it easy this time around and post when it feels right. I guess I’ll just recap what I’ve been up to this past summer, so let’s walk down memory lane.

– I’ve been taking some summer classes which are going to be ending soon, thank God. Hopefully I will pass so I don’t have to deal with them anymore, haha.
– My other sister moved in this summer so all the siblings are together once again. Right now she is visiting our mom in Reno, Nevada.
– I’m still working at Jimmy John’s and Illinois passed a new bill raising the minimum wage to $7.50 which began on July 1st for us.
– I should really be studying for my last exam right now but I’m not (random, sorry..).
– CFC Youth 13th Annual Conference in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. It was a great experience overall, more will be said I’m sure later on some time. Oh and North Central won T-Shirt design thanks to Ohio, yay!
– Oh yeah, and my significant other won the Timothy Award, kudos to her!

Plans for the rest of the summer? I guess just working and hanging around. I have my CNA classes in the fall which should be really exciting as well as my significant other will be taking it too at her school. Nurses for the win!

Let’s revitalize and revive this blog from the depths of the dark internet world. I hope to be writing more about more random stuff once again. Cheers!


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