“Comfort Zone”

Sometimes serving our Lord nowadays makes us hesitant and puts us in our “comfort zone”. Being able to step out of our “box” can open our eyes to new opportunities in our service to God. It’s hard at first, especially in the community I am in; sometimes it’s just a routine we like to run over and over again. Camps, households, worship and repeat the cycle again. We can’t stop where we are right now, we have to strive into great limits beyond our imagination. 

Take this in anyway you want but make it a prayer for yourself. Picture a cliff and a large drop to the bottom, you have to cross to the other side but the only way is to jump. God tells you to jump and have no fear. As you take that leap of faith turn around and look behind you, now you’ve left your comfort zone into something greater than before. I’m sure you’ve heard something similar to that before, but just take it anyway you want. God bless and enjoy this youtube video!



1 Response to ““Comfort Zone””

  1. 1 jstudd December 11, 2007 at 2:09 am

    yea, i know exactly what you mean. before stl i no didn’t feel like i was doin much service anymore. it felt routine. i mean there were only small things that put me at the edge of my comfort zone, but not outside. thas why i think it’s a blessing that this split in the youth occurred because it’ll cause people to step up and out of their comfort zones.

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