Sin City! (Day Four)

Oh man, I totally watched the new National Treasure movie “Book of Secrets” and it was pretty dope. I kinda like the whole secretive stuff that really goes down in this country including treasure! Loot! Money! High Rollers! Ok maybe not high rollers but that’s what these people do here in Vegas, haha. But anyways, yeah I watched the movie with my sister Ate Lani, she finally arrived here from California. She left this morning and stuff and now she’s on her little Christmas Break.

So we watched the movie a little late in the afternoon, but before that I went crazy shopping with my Mommy and Aunt. We hit up JC Penny, Costco, Best Buy, and this furniture place. I tried getting my Mommy to buy me an Xbox 360 but that didn’t work to well, haha. Now I’m trying to get my significant other to get me one but she won’t budge. Sigh, haha. Anyways, after all that we met up with my sister (yes I know I’m going backwards) and came back to the house and chilled before the movie. Now it’s time to fast forward; after the movie we ate at this sushi restaurant within the Casino we went to watch the movie at and we had an array of speciality sushi! We had a crunchy roll, las vegas roll, and.. SEX ON THE ROLL! Good stuff, and our sushi maker was Filipino, and from Cleveland Ohio! Small world and God just shows how much smaller it really is.. Good game today, now the Sunday Buffet awaits. Haha.


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