Sin City! (Day Five)

Holy crap man, more food again today.. but first. Mass. So it was a pretty big church, the funny thing is it was located between 2 car dealerships.. haha. “Oh what a great homily today father, how about we purchase a new car over at our friendly next door neighbor car dealership”. Haha! What a great way to spend your holy day. And not that I’m dogging on the church or how the re sponsorial  reader (sp?) read the lines but dang.. she took forever! It was like; “Let us pray for.. all the military.. personnel.. … … keep them safe.. …. … … etc”. Seriously, the pauses seemed that long. No joke, but praise God for a pre game mass before Christmas Eve!

But before all that.. there was shopping! We hit up the mall and went straight for the Heritage 1981 store! I got new goodies once again (PTL for sugar mommy and sugar ate!) I’ll wear them sooner than later, heh. We also got a few remaining gifts we needed to buy but good game after that.And to end the evening.. the infamous Las Vegas Buffet! $17 per head goodness! Asian, American, Italian, Barbeque, Pastries, Farm Market and much much more! Oh man, I’m stuffed on the real and I think it’s my last time I eat like that for a while. Bah God is to good to me and thank you Lord for blessing me with all these great times with my family!


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