Christmas Sale! (Day Eight)

The day after Christmas is always the shopping day, and boy it was on the strip. My mom and I had planned to walk the strip for a bit and see what it was like. So we wake up in the morning and have to take Inang (my mommy’s mom) to my uncle to “babysit” her since she tries to escape a lot and go back to the Philippines, literally. Anyways, we drop her off with my uncle at Arizona Charlies Casino then head for the strip! 

As we head for the strip my mommy and I wanted to eat before we started walking, so we could walk off the food.. haha. We met up with my sister, Paul, and my aunt at Palace Station for a pretty good lunch buffet. I had 5 plates believe it or not; an american plate, asian plate, mexican plate, fried plate, dessert plate, and churro plate. Oops, that’s six.. but anyways! Yes, the churros were excellent because.. they were filled! Filled churros with a crazy sweet carmel/choclate filling! It twas amazing!

So moving on to the day, after we ate my mom and I left for the strip! We parked at Bellagio and checked out the cool Christmas decor. Then we made our way to Planet Hollywood and got a few stuff from there. After that we went next door to Paris Casino (I think?) and took a trip up the Eiffel Tower! That’s was pretty cool, we got to see all of the Las Vegas Strip and more. After our little trip to Paris, we hit up the shops at Caesars Palace! More shopping but I didn’t buy anything, thanks God! Haha. After all the walking and stuff my feet hurted, yes hurted.

My mom found out she was working that night so we went back home and she got ready. My uncle wanted to buy me a birthday/Christmas present so we left after my mom left. I said bye to my mommy then it turned out she forgot her cellphone! So my uncle and I brought it to her, and then I said bye to my mommy again, haha. My uncle got my new cologne and it smells pretty nice. All in all, what a productive Christmas Day +1. Thanks Lord for another blessed day!


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