iPod Touch 16GB Mini Review

So my significant other totally got me the coolest Birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s present ever! Yup, that’s right she got me an iPod Touch! Yay! My first official iPod ever; I never bought one before or got one as a gift.. only borrowed other peoples. But yeah, this thing rocks my socks right now so I guess I’ll do my own mini review!

First thing I thought when I opened it up and took it out was “wow, this thing is frickin’ small and light!”. Compared to the iPhone (which I have seen and held because my sister has one) the iPod Touch is like the mini-me of it. But don’t let that similarity fool you, it deceives you under the hood. But I’ll mention them later.

Surprisingly it was charged a bit so we were able to turn it on, but it required an immediate plug in to a computer to activate. MacBook Pro for the win! After getting it up and running to all our surprise it already had the 1.1.3 January upgrade in it. That saved us another $20 Apple is charging for previous iPod Touch buyers (one thing that Apple should really change, bah). Out of all the January added applications, the ones I use the most would be Maps, Weather, and Notes. Before I leave the apartment I usually update the weather and lock it in for the day. Since I don’t have a GPS, Garmin, or Tom Tom and I’m going to a place I’m unfamiliar with, I load up Maps and grab directions before I head out as well. Notes is just a life saver when it comes to reminding me what I have to do for the day or week or so forth.

Aside from the new key features from January, let me mention other positive things I felt were a big plus for me. Mail. Easy as eating pie to set up and even easier to check your email. Apple integrated a very  user friendly interface to delete, reply, or just check your email. The Calendar is one of my most used features on the iPod Touch. I use iCal on my computer tons, just as much as I check my email. Being able to sync your calendar to your iPod was heaven for me. Now I can check my schedule on the go or add events I need to remember while on the go. Music, of course it’s an iPod and it’s real purpose is for music storage right? I love the cover flow feature. I love the cover flow feature on my computer and I love it on there too! I told my friend that it gives reason to find album art now and both he and I are on a holy quest to do so. Only songs and albums with album art are allowed to go on my iPod, and that’s final.

Now my negatives which I hate to mention but have to. Why Apple, the lack of an integrated speaker?! Yes, I understand the iPhone has one and it was dumbed down for that purpose, to get an iPhone instead but seriously.. why not have it on the iPod as well? The iPod Touch didn’t really have to be this small, I would settle with the iPhone size and dimensions because it was small already! Moving on.. where is the bluetooth compatibility? Once again, I know it’s an iPod but as you can see in this world today..  most cars are obtaining a Bluetooth feature for phones so why not make it a staple in every portable device? Just my opinion. Camera, where is the camera? You can TOTALLY upload pictures to view on your iPod but you can’t take a single picture. Even though it would have been a low quality 2.0 megapixel camera, knowing you had the option would have felt better. Oh well, my D40 will serve me just fine. I understand there was probably a reason why they didn’t put them in considering it really isn’t an iPhone.. but just my opinion anyways.

In the end the iPod Touch is one crazy gadget I am having a blast with! Now I can listen to my music I have on my computer in my car as well! I can check my email to see if my class is canceled before evening walking there. I can also load up Maps to find a nearby Jamba Juice to supply my White Gummi Bear fix,  haha. The iPod Touch is media player that can provide the need for an iPhone just without the “phone”. The product gets an A+ from me, for what it’s worth. I’m sure Apple will introduce another better generation then that but while that happens, I’ll be bumping to some tunes on my iPod Touch while my Mail walking to my next class. Cheers!

(pictures will be uploaded at a later time, hopefully)


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