Egg Carrier Challenge

Last week in my communications class we were assigned the challenge to construct an egg carrier to protect 6 eggs. Interestingly enough this really had nothing to do with communications. On the day we were assigned this task, our group was missing 2 of our members. Fortunately with the 3 that remained including myself we got the ball rolling.

Right away Dan from the group was overly confident and excited about this task. His method was already accepted and with the few minutes we had to deliberate, we were ready. Onto today; our presentation was to pick 2 randomly selected group members to speak about our egg carrier. Our egg carrier consisted of a box with 3 pieces of foam inside and a decorated bag. That’s about it.

Fast forward, I was really blessed to be in this group for sure. I wasn’t chosen to present nor was I there during construction this past Tuesday due to the weather or what not.. but anyways. I was chosen though to throw it down, and boy was it interesting. Out of the 4 groups only 2 groups successfully protected all 6 eggs. Manticore was one of them, our group’s design was flawless and we ended up losing overall but we did win most aesthetic. PTL.


1 Response to “Egg Carrier Challenge”

  1. 1 Kai February 29, 2008 at 11:58 am

    so did your eggs crack or not, i don’t get it. haha

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