His Resurrection Be Known

Let His resurrection be known to all so that what he gave to us long ago is surely seen today. Today at 8am service, there were people that don’t usually go during that time. I asked my friend, “why do these people only come during special holiday’s don’t they know they can’t be saved with just one or two services a year”. Then after mass I finally realized, His resurrection not only saved those who he loved dearly but those who did not even know Him. I guess I was being selfish or just mad that my favorite service time was crowded up the wazoo.

His death signifies what true gift he really gave us so many years ago. Let His resurrection be known, so that those who do not know of Him, will. For those who find His salvation in a few services a year, let them know of His resurrection and truly understand what he has really done us. Let our hearts be humble during this Easter week for a better understanding, Amen.


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