You are probably wondering, “what in the world does pwnshark mean?”. Well it is a word that is derived from two words put together. Each word signifies each other like peanut butter and jelly. Even though I’m allergic to peanut butter, I still find time to do school work, make money work, and occasionally CFC Youth. But back to “pwnshark”; developed by two notable individuals the word was used in it’s early times through forums. Representing something that is “rad” or “awesome” would be the best description. As you might have guessed, “pwnshark” does indeed have a definition:

pwnshark – (puh – own – shahrk) – verb
1. pwn – great ingenious applied to method/objects or dominating an opponent.
2. shark – a person unusually skilled in a particular activity.

Unfortunately everything you have just read was unnecessary, you really didn’t need to know that all. My name is Andrew de Vera, I’m pursuing a Nursing degree as my future occupation. Jesus Christ, my significant other, cookies and other random stuff give me a warm feeling inside. Welcome to my little corner on this vast mysterious land we all the “internet”.


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