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Hello, Music Ministry!

You’re in the right place!

EDIT – I know in my email I directed you to the left, I changed my layout so now just click “Worship” on the top.


Project 365

I’m finally starting the Project 365, on May 1st was day one. I’ll be taking at least one picture a day and here is day one for me. Enjoy!

Backed Up

Sorry all, I’m backed up with about 5 groups of pictures I still have to post process and consolidate.

I hope this picture will keep you satisfied until then, cheers!

The Little Stream That Could

Little Stream

Worship Page Update!

Added new songs and a new section! Go and check it out, hit the Worship page and see what it’s all about!

New thing, I’ll try to add  a photo of mine from flickr on every new post I make! Let’s hope this works out.


Sound Check

Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2.

Let’s hope these two sentences stay apart.
Sound check confirmed, moving back to Safari.. Oh yeah. =] 

Sleeping Beauty

Got this shot when Eleesha was sleeping on her sisters\' bed.