June Is Here!

Well it’s like nine days into June now but this post is long overdue.. so here it is! I went home, I visited the family, and I conquered! Well I really didn’t conquer much expect surviving my drive back and forth alone! Getting back to Chicago gave me a sigh of relief, it’s my second home after all. But moving on, so now this past weekend hast elapsed and it really feels like summer, not the weather really but just getting out and hanging out with good friends.

So many BBQ’s already and all mostly at the significants house but eh, good times nonetheless. Precon is just around the corner once again, and I’m totally excited! Not for Precon but for this dope lens I got lined up for the weekend! Woot! Just kidding, I’m for sure excited for Precon as well, it’ll be a good time no doubt. God has truly blessed my life; I get to serve him, enjoy all my toys, and have an amazing network for friends and family! I’ll continue doing your work Lord, if you bless me with more BBQ’s.. haha.


1 Response to “June Is Here!”

  1. 1 Kai June 10, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    Oh my.. I look like a mad woman cooking fried rice!

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